Sneak Preview: What’s on Tap at Distributed Health

Our healthcare system is complex to say the least. Everyday, professionals record droves of data to help shape the future of the world’s medical care.The more information our healthcare system can gather about us, the smarter it can become and the faster we can evolve the quality of care we provide. While healthcare is evolving at a rapid rate, current processes are costly and require a great deal of trust. Healthcare providers must be certain that the data they’re basing decisions off of is accurate and agreed upon. In today’s system, a lot of this verification is done manually and requires multiple parties to reach consensus on the integrity of the data.

Blockchain technology offers a new method for securely storing, accessing, and transferring medical data. By treating each medical visit as a single data point that can be recorded on a blockchain, the information underlying it is easily queried and immutable. With a universal health registry, healthcare providers would have access to an unprecedented amount of data about each patient, which will allow them to make increasingly informed medical decisions. Blockchains have the potential to both better protect each patient’s privacy and drastically raise the quality of care offered by providers. Healthcare innovators still have a lot of development to sift through in terms of finding the most pressing use cases, but safe to say that blockchain technology is here to stay.

I’m extremely excited to be attending Distributed Health this year to further explore how blockchain technology will shape the future of the healthcare industry. Some of the stellar companies presenting in attendance this year include: Hashed Health, Change Healthcare and PokitDok. Whether it’s learning about the power of healthcare data interoperability or the role of IoT in advancing medical care, the conference will be jampacked with exciting information and announcements.

I’m particularly excited to hear what the Gem team has been working on. At last year’s Distributed Health Conference, Gem unveiled their blockchain platform and operating system GemOS for the first time. I’m sure they’ll have some exciting updates regarding their cutting edge platform and how it’s helping healthcare companies realize the full potential of blockchain technology. You can find the Gem team at the following events.

Blockchain IoT Use Cases: Scalability & Security

Monday September 25 at 10:30am - 11:25am CST

Gem’s VP of Engineering, Siva Kannan, will be on stage to discuss the security risks associated with IoT innovation in the healthcare space. Siva will be joined alongside other IoT thought leaders to explore how to safely integrate IoT and blockchain technology with healthcare.

On the Panel

  • Siva Kanna - Gem
  • Jim King - Core Rights LLC
  • Carlos Elena-Lenz - Cognizant
  • Frank Ricotta - BurstIQ

Blockchain: The Individual & the Employer

Monday September 25 at 3:45pm - 4:30pm CST

Gem’s Founder and CEO, Micah Winkelspecht, will take part in a panel covering the ever-changing relationship between privacy and data. These industry leaders will explore questions about consent, compliance, accountability and inequality in compensation structure.

On the Panel:

  • Frank Coliano - The Riverside Company
  • Micah Winkelspecht - Gem
  • Peter Fuchs - Mercer

Public Health Data Surveillance

Tuesday September 26 10:45am - 11:30am CST

Emily Vaughn, Head of Accounts at Gem, will participate in a discussion regarding how blockchain technology can help monitor and prevent disease outbreaks. And the CDC’s Jim Nasr will explain how the federal agency is looking to deploy blockchains to reduce response time to natural disasters such as the recent rash of hurricanes.

On the Panel

  • Emily Vaughn - Gem
  • Jim Nasr - Center for Disease Control (CDC)
  • Kelly McVeary - Hypatia
  • Donna Houlne - IBM

Gem Developer Workshop

The Gem team will also be holding a workshop during Distributed Health’s Code Camp to give developers a chance to experiment with their blockchain platform.. Their workshop will highlight how ETL, data-linkage, decentralized access controls, and smart contracts are combined to give enterprises new tools for interoperability and data exchange. Gem’s developer workshop will take place Monday, September 25 at 1:00pm CST. Every workshop in the Blockchain Code Camp will be held at The Bell Tower on 4th Ave.

Hyperledger Healthcare Working Group Meetup

Gem’s Head of Accounts, Emily Vaughn, will be leading the in-person Hyperledger Healthcare Working Group discussion on building a use case library for the healthcare industry. Join us in Hyperledger’s private meeting room during lunch on both days to learn, network, and contribute your ideas.

Say Hello at the Gem booth!

If you’d like to chat with any of the Gem team members, stop by their booth at Distributed Health . They’ll be actively fielding questions regarding all things Gem, including GemOS updates and exciting new job openings.

Max Bronstein is a Contributing Writer at Gem.