Use Cases

Carbon Conundrum

The earth is in a tough spot. Human beings have proven to be the most advanced species on the planet, at least to date. But that comes at a price to Planet Earth.

Our civilization building has begun to warm the only habitat we have ever known. According to a joint statement issued by NASA and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, 2016 was officially the hottest year known to man. Studies have also shown polar ice caps melting and oceans rising.

Considering that we are orbiting a dying star in a black infinite spacetime, our options for a new home may be limited.

Governments have taken note and developed systems to encourage positive change, fueled by environmental mandates and economic incentives offered to the largest industries that are both responsible for and have the ability to course correct  this dangerous trend. These incentives are also known as carbon credits.

Carbon credits may seem esoteric to the lay citizen but is critical to the survival of our planet’s continued health and sustenance. A product of this move towards rewarding good actors with carbon credits that they can leverage like cash in the marketplace, has been the creation of Commodity Impact Factor (CIFs). This innovation allows companies to quantify and standardize the environmental impact of producing commodity goods.

Gem powers the issuance of CIFs which reward companies that are environmental stewards by giving them financial incentives to comply with government mandates.

Gem cryptographically secures the production data against the newly minted asset -- the carbon credit or CIF.

Gem then allows for the digital ownership transference of the CIF asset -- while creating an immutable audit history of the production data to ensure integrity of the entire process. 

The natural gas producer above is able to sell CIF credits for cash to a market partner, while increasing production efficiency and creating more natural gas in the process.

The purchaser of the credit also wins because they are able to become carbon neutral in their own operations.

Numbers Game

In order for this highly complicated system of checks and balances to be optimized, all participants must remain accurately informed. The integrity of the CIF network demands it. As this marketplace continues to grow it must be designed such that these complex tracking and booking procedures can be held accountable by both public and private interests. Billions of dollars must be allocated without hesitation. These are the types of challenges our mission- oriented team at Gem thrives on tackling.

Breath of Fresh Air

What Gem Can Do Today

Gem has deployed a highly configured GemOS platform so that all of the participating parties in this complex system can maintain total insight into the system and how it will impact their business. Producers can optimize production processes and codify best practices within the context of the new marketplace. Costs are cut, efficiency rendered, and additional revenue can now be booked as commodity purchasers reward producers. And the purchasers now have proof that they have done their part in making our planet cleaner. This complicated web of transactions, once seemingly unachievable, is now a reality delivered by GemOS.

Sunshine and Rainbows

What Gem Can Do for you Tomorrow

The information that is tracked across this commodity production ecosystem is not just valuable to the participants. It is also incredibly valuable to researchers, vendor companies, analysts, and hedge funds. What if the participating companies could further monetize the data that they were producing but in such a way, , that allowing access to their proprietary data did not compromise ownership.

Bottom line

One happy Planet Earth, and millions of satisfied customers.