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The Problem

The World Has Changed

Our interactions with businesses are growing exponentially.

The problem is, every time we interact with a new business, we create a new digital persona.

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The Problem

Identity Silo Problem

These digital personas or identities are disconnected from each other. Split identities create data silos. And, these silos don’t talk to each other.

This data sharing problem raises costs due to manual reconciliation, lost time and missing records. The result: errors, waste, fraud and abuse.

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The Solution

One Identity. One Story. One Timeline.

We are creating global identifiers to link together data belonging to a person or asset, eliminating time consuming reconciliation, providing real-time transparency, reducing risk and creating better outcomes.

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We can do this because of blockchains.

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The Solution


It allows us to register identities globally across companies.

Communications & Exchange

It creates a shared infrastructure for multiple companies to communicate and exchange data.


It allows new automation processes and workflows.




The GemOS enterprise platform enables all parties in today's data-driven healthcare economy to securely access and share data with the right permissions, and with full HIPAA compliance, within and across organizations.

In the world of Internet of Things (IOT) and wellness Apps, Gem's blockchain-based enterprise architecture allows healthcare companies to build on their "collective intelligence" or Data IQ, to create the patient-centric care model of the future. All participants in a healthcare network, whether they're patients, doctors, pharmacies, or insurance companies, benefit from the resulting efficiency, transparency, and cost reductions. 

Supply Chain

Data is propelling the world forward at light speed. Companies and organizations that use complex supply chains to deliver goods and other assets are hard-pressed to leverage the massive data generated from the Internet of Things (IoT).

Gem's blockchain-based software platform boosts the "collective intelligence," or Data IQ, from previously siloed data. This longitudinal and multidimensional view into the lifecycle of assets, whether they're cars or carbon credits, reduces operational costs and increases efficiency, accuracy, and transparency, of global supply chains. Now your organization too, can move at the speed of light. 

We’re working step by step with visionary companies to link together the world’s critical business data. And we’re getting noticed.


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